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Giới thiệu Set 2 Quạt Tản Nhiệt Cho Máy Tính

Chassis cooling fan: RGB light, intelligent speed regulation, 365 equivalent modes, motherboard synchronization and wireless remote control
8 silicone damping pads: 8 damping pads are added at the 4 corners to effectively reduce the resonance noise between the fan and the chassis and work silently,7 fan blade design, large air volume, good temperature control effect, silent, closed hydraulic circuit: lifespan up to 40,000 hours
Intelligent interface conversion: RGB controller fan interface small 6Pin, monochrome fan interface small 3Pin+large 4Pin
12 kinds of LED monochrome modes: 16 high-brightness axis luminous systems are used, and the fan blades can achieve elegant light effects with progressive apertures
Smart luminous control box: wireless remote control with smart control box, put aside the shackles, freely enjoy your colors, 1 drag 10, higher playability.
Product Dimension: 120mmx 120mmx 25mm /4.72x4.72x0.98 inch
Operating Voltage: 12V+5V
Rated Current: 0.28A
Airflow: 39.2cfm
Fan Speed:0-1200(+/-10%) RPM
Sound Level:26.4 dBA
Connector: mini 6 pin connector/3 Pin connector+4 Pin connector
Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
Lifetime: 40000Hrs
Package Includes:
Set A:1 Fan + 1 set of controller
Set B:2 Fans + 1 set of controller
Set C:1x White fan
Set D:1x Sky blue fan
Set E:1x Red fan
Set F:1x Ice blue fan
Set G:1x Colorful fan
Set H:1x Dark blue fan
Set I:1x Rose purple fan
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