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Giới thiệu Máy đếm số cầm tay tiện dụng

Count Range: 0000 - 9999
It counts from 0 to 9999 and when you press once it counts for one
Accurate Tally Counter, it is well designed to fit perfectly in the hand
Great for praty,meeting ,restaurant,school,bars and any occasions where need to be counted for number
Made of stainless steel,heavy duty; Compact size for easily carrying

Matierial: stainless steel

Base Diameter: Approx. 55mm / 2.17inch
Height: Approx. 65mm / 2.56inch

Package Includes:
1 Piece Hand Tally Counter
Liên kết: Che Khuyết Điểm 2 Đầu Concealer Dual Veil TheFaceShop