(Fenteer2 3c) 240mm G1 / 4 "Pc

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Giới thiệu (Fenteer2 3c) 240mm G1 / 4 "Pc

Aluminum heat exchanger can used for CPU, CO2, etc water cool system.
It can be used for: computer water cooling radiators, beauty equipment, industrial equipment, electric cars, electric motorcycles, etc.
Number of flat tubes: 10pcs.
Fitting Thread: G1/4 Inch.
Straight mouth for pipes with an inner diameter of 8-10mm.
Package Includes:
8Pcs Long Screws
4Pcs Short Screws
1Pcs Aluminum Heat Exchanger Radiator

Below the screw hole is the pipe, please do not use long screws, it will leak the water.
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