Đệm tản nhiệt chip đồ họa CPU bằng silicone 100x100mm

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Giới thiệu Đệm tản nhiệt chip đồ họa CPU bằng silicone 100x100mm

100x100mm 0.5mm Silicone Thermal Pad Sheet Computer CPU Graphics Chip Heat Sink
0.5mm Thermal Pad Sheet Heat Sink for Computer CPU Graphics Chip 100x100mm

Size: 100 x 100mm/3.94x 3.94in
Weight: 50g

Super soft, alittle sticky, good thermal conductivity, easy to cut, feels like plasticine,but has a certain degree of plasticity, super insulation, there is a sense ofcool put on the arm!
Application: affixed to the graphics card, video memory, Bridge chip, ICcontroller, power crystal, electrical and electronic products control board,TFT-LCD, switching power supply, LED lamps, etc.

How to use:
1, clear dust on the radiator and fan, clear the old thermal products;
2, make sure the chip and the radiator can be directly contacted;
3, determine the contact location of the chip and the radiator on the radiator;
4, peel off the release paper;
5, thermal sheet pasted at the location determined in step 3 (the bottom of theradiator is better than the surface of the chip);
6, press the thermal sheet for several times, especially the edge part, to makeit close to the radiator surface;
7, wait for about 2 minutes, carefully peel off the other side of the releasepaper from the thermal sheet, that is OK.


1 x Thermal Sheet

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