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Giới thiệu Cáp Mở Rộng Pci E 1x Dual 90 ° Với Đèn Led

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1. The PCI-E card has a dual vertical 90° direction design, supports high-speed PCI-E 1X, 4X, 8X and 16X cards, but only works at 1X speed.
2. Magnetic foot pad design, easy to install, high‑speed flexible cable suitable for 1U, 2U and for ATX / BTX chassis.
3. Golden finger protection cover and dust‑proof design, durable material for high frequency and low attenuation.
4. With a stable PCIe Gen3 8Gbps or higher rate, with high-quality axial cables.
5. Fix with bolts and nuts to prevent PCB cable soldering points from tearing and short-circuiting.

Item Type: Extension CableMaterial: PE+tinned copper+TPE
Support high-speed PCI-E 1X, 4X, 8X and 16X cards, but only work at 1X speed
PCI-E card has a new design with dual vertical 90° directions
Installation Notes:
1. Before installation, make sure that the motherboard, graphics card and other PCI-E interface cards are in a power-off state.
2. In order to prevent static electricity from damaging the motherboard and the electronic components on the graphics card, please wear static clothes and anti-static wristbands when installing. If you don't have static clothes and wristbands, please touch the grounded metal objects with your hands before installation to discharge human body static electricity. .
3. Before the installation is completed, do not turn on the power to start the computer, this operation may cause damage to the motherboard and graphics card.
4. Please refer to the installation guide for installation.
5. Please keep the motherboard and graphics card away from humid air and dust in order to prolong its service life.Size: Approx. 5.41mm / 0.2in58.65mm / 2.3in
15mm / 0.6in15.25mm / 0.6in
44.83mm / 1.8in
1.37mm / 0.1in 100mm / 3.9in

Package List:
1 x Extension Cable  
1 x User Manual   

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