Bộ 20 Miếng Đồng 15mm X 15mm 0.3mm Sang 2mm Cho Laptop

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Giới thiệu Bộ 20 Miếng Đồng 15mm X 15mm 0.3mm Sang 2mm Cho Laptop

Dear, welcome to Deceble, I wish you a pleasant shopping experience here, the following is our new product, welcome to buy, please go down to see ~

20 pcs 15mmx15mm 0.3mm to 2mm Heatsink Copper Shim Thermal Pads for Laptop IC Chipset GPU CPU

This Copper Shims thermal conductivity up to 401w / mk, and ordinary copper thermal conductivity is only 20-30w / mk.
CPU and GPU graphics card in the inside part of the laptop using a thermal plastic thermal conductivity, thermal plastic at high temperature for a long time easy to aging, and ultimately lost, leading to overheating of the CPU or GPU, the Laptop will not start after overheating. And this copper heat sink solve thermal problems caused by frequent crashes laptop, etc

1. Thermal Conductive coefficient: 400W/(m.K)
2. With this copper pad to greatly lower gpu temperatures, can be used for Graphics card, north bridge, CPU chips.
3. It can be applied to HP,Dell,Acer,Thinkpad and all alptop and computer heatsink solution!

Quantity: 20 pcs
20 pcs Thermal Conductive Copper Shims
Material: Pure copper
Dimension: 15mm*15mm

Please cleaned surface of your chipsets and heatsink and be sure no rest compound in it.
Please be sure you have painted the silicone grease when fix the heatsink.
Please be more patient when do it.


20 X Copper Shim Pad
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